Josh Sneider


 Josh Sneider

Escaping from a secret underground laboratory in Ohio, Josh searched for somewhere more creative and A LOT warmer. With his best friend in tow, he started his epic journey to California. (Adam Driver is rumored to play him in the movie adaptation.) He spends most of his free time with his trusty side kick Rocky (his dog) and playing sports (he could go pro any day now).

Josh has worked on campaigns for companies that include: Facebook, Chevrolet, BMW, Lexus, Google, Mattel, Disney, Pabst Blue Ribbon and about half the sports teams in North America. Josh continues to strive to be the best by collaborating with top creative teams, experimenting with different editing styles and working on projects that satisfy his thirst for creativity.

Patrick Murpree


 Patrick Murpree

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Earned a BA degree in English Literature from UCLA.

Spent some time working on commercial film sets before getting started in editing at J. Walter Thompson in NYC.

Currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys snow skiing, surfing, and spending endless hours in dark rooms staring at bright screens in order to create compelling films.


 Kyle Whitmore

Kyle Whitmore began his career in the film industry many years ago as a production assistant, working on countless high budget commercials and music videos. Simultaneously, he was refining his craft as a studio and touring drummer for a number of renowned punk rock, indie, and hardcore bands. It was these two passions in his life, music and film, which laid the foundation for his natural transition into post-production. Armed with a vast knowledge of filmmaking, and a truckload of musical talent, Kyle was able to brilliantly climb the ranks at his first post house from runner, to assistant editor, and after much hard work and determination, he became one of the most reputable editors in the business.

As an advertising film editor, Kyle has been responsible for leading the editorial process for some of the world’s best-known creative teams. Spending nearly a decade in post-production, he’s cut some of the most innovative campaigns for agencies like 72 & Sunny, CP+B, and GSD&M to name a few. Kyle is also a master at understanding the needs of his clients, and is able to constantly offer his insight to keep the edit “on brand”. His client list includes massive brands that place great scrutiny on his work, which delights and empowers him, because they’re always stoked on the final cut.

Most importantly, Kyle is a storyteller, who truly understands visual pacing. From Super Bowl spots for Samsung, to long form documentaries to raise charitable awareness, to hilarious campaigns for Carl’s Jr. and Best Buy, Kyle is extremely versatile and able to swiftly adapt his editorial techniques to meet the needs of even the most demanding client.

Peter Leininger


 Peter Leininger

Born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT (northwest ohio). Peter moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue his love for film and television. Since, he has been working for many agencies and production companies on various forms of media ranging from trailers to televison ads to sports documentary to independent films. From his years in film school and thereafter, his passion for story telling has grown exponentially. Partner that with a longing to see every last corner of the world, and you have a man who loves deep, thought provoking… whatevers. He also has a hard time taking himself too seriously.


 Dave Garcia

For the past three years, Dave has worked as a freelance senior editor at several top ad agencies and companies throughout LA including Chiat, Saatchi, and Phenomenon, to name a few.  Some of his most recent work includes the brand launch for Splendid’s #spreadsoftness and seasonal campaigns, Airbnb’s “Love This? Live there” campaign at TBWA/Chiat Day, the Wilson #betterer campaign featuring Roger Federer as well as new spots for Joseph Abboud custom suits and Men’s Wearhouse. His work will speak for itself.

Dave has been making and editing videos as a passion of his for over twenty-three years.  It all started in High School making short legendary movies. Then in 1996, he started on his path to becoming a professional editor by graduating with a BS in Visual Communication from the University of Idaho. Go Vandals!

He then started his professional career at two major LA agencies, Dailey & Associates and Ogilvy & Mather. He spent a good part of his career at these two agencies serving as head editor and post manager. Both departments were creative, organized, efficient, and profitable. He also worked on numerous projects as a freelance editor including projects for MTV/VH1, TLC,  KB Home, The LA Kings, Popcornopolis, TigerText, and Popchips.

His references are numerous and his reputation is impeccable. Dave is a great collaborator and fun person to work with, just ask his colleagues.

Major Brands he’s worked on throughout his career include Callaway Golf, Nestlé, Honda Motorcycles, Ford, Shaq and Nestlé Crunch, LA Dodgers, Safeway, and 76 Gasoline, Weyerhaeuser, Turbo Tax, Dole, Lawry’s,  Countrywide, Kibbles&Bits, El Pollo Loco, Circle K,  Public Storage, Legoland, Cisco, ampm, Nature Made, Tabasco, Coors, Kraft, McKesson, Bulova, Mattel, Transamerica, Hamilton Beach, 3M, Gerber,, Dyson, Wilson, Men’s Wearhouse, Splendid, Gatorade, Airbnb, Nissan,  and Toyota


 Samantha Cook

“Hello! My name is Samantha; I’m an editor currently freelancing around the Los Angeles area, formerly Chicago, working on everything from commercials to short films. 

I’ve worked with companies such as BuzzFeed, BakedFX, and Trisect and on brands such as AirBnb, HomeAdvisor, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Mike’s Harder, Palm Breeze, Slim Jim, Gerber and Abbott.

On the weekends you can find me enjoying a drink with some friends, curled up on my couch with my husband and cat, or hosting board game nights at my house.

If you’re looking for a visual storyteller that understands pace and timing, look no further; I’m your gal.”


 Desireh Sedaghat

I love vintage smurfs, miniature donkeys, snowboarding and my dollar store plant “Pablo,” but none of them compare to my love of editing. Experienced in cutting for television, music videos, commercials and short format, I enjoy the challenge of working with vastly different creative material. I find inspiration from traveling the world and meeting new faces and spent the last two weeks of 2016 exploring Cuba. 

I’m a driven editor and strongly believe in the significance of collaboration. For the past eleven+ years, I have worked full-time transforming footage into statement. I have vision, but welcome yours.

Member of Local 700 Motion Pictures Editors Guild. Available in LA and NYC.

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